How much does it cost for general taxation advice, or taxation advisce regarding property ownership, property investment, CGT (capital gains tax), land tax, contract date, negative gearing, rental properties, trust set up ...?

$85 per half hour

DISCOUNT OFFERS- frequently asked questions

We offer a 10% discount to new clients  - How does this work?

This discount will be applied  as a direct 10% reduction to the fee charged.  For example the fee payable is $200 for the service provided but your cost will only be $180.

I am a new client my tax return is simple and straight forward what is the estimated amount I will pay?

As a new client will you get a 10% discount on your tax return ,if it is simple and straight forward the expected amount payable will be $99.00 For example 10% will be deducted from the fee payable and $110 will be reduced to $99.00

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PROPERTIES - frequently asked questions

How much extra does it cost to lodge my tax return if I own a rental property? 

from $90 per property

Liability Limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation

Business Structure

please contact us for all questions as questions vary greatly !

TAX RETURNS - frequently asked questions

How much does it cost for my tax return ?

Individual tax return (straight forward) from $99

Sole Trader from $180

Partnership tax return from $250

Company tax return from $650

Trust tax return from $380

Tax returns vary in price and are dependant on the work involved, more work will of course attract greater fees. These prices are a guide only.

BOOKKEEPING - charges and frequently asked questions

What is the charge for Bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping services are charged out at bookkeeping rates- it is charged at $55 per hour

Why should we use Simple Savvy Bookkeeping Solutions for our bookkeeping?

The majority of the time the bookkeeping services undertaken will be provided by a qualified accountant meaning they will be entered correctly for compliance the first time

and because it has been done correctly and checked along the way it will reduce accounting & compliance costs quarterly and at end of year.

What is the cost of BAS lodgement?

BAS Lodgement is from $90 (price depends on work involved)

Can you just lodge the BAS?

Yes we can do bookkeeping and BAS lodgement or just assess clients data and provide BAS lodgement only.

When is my BAS Due ?

The majority of our clients lodge their BAS quarterly Due dates are 28 Oct, 28 Feb, 28 Apr & 28 Jul.

Can you also lodge my IAS?

Yes we can